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Danielas Chocolate Blumels Chocolate daniela Kennedy. Best chocolate. Handmade with the finest ingrediants. Swiss trained chocolateer

Have you heard the expression “made with love?” Daniela applies this philosophy to both life and her work. Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, Daniela inherited the passion for crafting flavorful masterpieces from her father, a professional chef. It is not surprising that Daniela chose to continue that love by pursuing the culinary arts in Pastry and Chocolates, studying and working as an apprentice and focusing upon the art of confections.

It was love that drew her away from this somewhat traditional path. Daniela moved to the USA with now husband Steve, creating a new life in the small mountain town of Steamboat Springs. The aptly named Homesteader Kitchen & Gourmet Foods store in Steamboat Springs was their new home.

It was not long before Daniela’s passion for crafting fine culinary confections emerged from the kitchen store in the form of Blumls Atelier. Daniela has successfully melded her creativity, native heritage, and extensive education with her new environment to create some of the most flavorful and unique confections to be found this side of Switzerland.